With all the clues, make sure you read everything. If you can’t figure out an answer, go back to read the exact wording of the clue. Sometimes overlooking a single word in the question can make all the difference.

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And remember: If you are stuck, feel free to text or call the Helpline at (626) 644-6957

So. Without further ado, here is your first clue:

FIRST STEP: Find the Gold Ribbon Award on campus (accessible from the outside).

Who painted this? Class of __________

SECOND STEP: Find the street address of the new math and science building

__________ Diamond Avenue

THIRD STEP: Subtract Answer 2 from Answer 1

FOURTH STEP: Have you ever noticed the characters/muses carved above the auditorium’s main entrance?

Count how many there are and multiply that number by 100: ____________

FINAL STEP: Add this number to the Answer of #3

This is your next destination ________ Fair Oaks in the City of South Pasadena! It’s close to where you are. Head there next and look for a QR code behind a window. (If you use an app to locate the address, use Google. Apple Maps is mis-directing people to Pasadena.)

HELPLINE:  (626) 644-6957