As the U.S. Census gets underway this month, some of you may be concerned that the personal information you share could adversely affect you or your family.  

That’s a myth. The Census Bureau is bound by law to protect your personal information and keep it strictly confidential. That includes every answer to every question. Here are the facts:NO questions are asked about citizenship status.Your answers CANNOT be shared with law enforcement, any government agency or any court.Your answers CANNOT be used to impact your eligibility for government benefits.To see a sample Census form, click here.  

You should also be aware of potential fraud. The Census Bureau or its employees will never ask for your Social Security number, money, donations, your bank or credit card account numbers, or anything on behalf of a political party. If you get a phone call, email or personal visit from someone claiming to be from the Census and they ask for personal, political or financial information, you are encouraged to report it by calling 1-800-923-8282 or your local police department.