COVID-19 Updates

This webpage includes links and information regarding the high school’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is only meant to help parents find copies of information already sent or available elsewhere. Given the fluidity of the situation, we know the information posted here may not always be the most up to date. If you have information you think we should add, or suggestions on what to delete, please contact

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The South Pasadena Board of Education has scheduled a special board meeting for ‘Thursday evening (3/4/21) at 6:30pm to discuss a “Provisional In-Person Reopening Date for SPHS.”

You may find the agenda at and may view the meeting broadcast at

For special Board meetings, public comment will be received only for items listed on the agenda. If you would like to comment on an agenda item, submit those comments in writing by emailing them to:

Public Comments must be received by 12 Noon on March 4, 2021, to ensure adequate time to compile. Public Comment portion of the email is limited to 250 words. Only one comment per person, per meeting. Please make sure to indicate:

  1. your name
  2. the agenda item for which you are submitting public comment,
  3. if you would like your public comment to be read at the meeting. 

Dear Tiger Families,

I apologize for the amount of time it has been since I have given you all an update.  Every single athletics program is up and running in an outdoor setting, and things have been running smoothly. As we have more and more athletes on campus, ramping up in preparation for possible matches, we have had more students with minor aches and pains.  In honor of National Athletic Training Month, I’d like to highlight our full-time athletic trainer, Mr. Julius Murphy.  He is around for all student-athletes and makes himself available before, during, and after practice to address any discomfort or injuries.  The new athletic training room, funded by Measure SP, gives him full capability to serve students from simple things like providing ice to multi-day Return to Play Protocols and rehabilitation.  His patience and team-oriented attitude in finding any way to help our athletics program does not go unnoticed.  Should you ever have a question for him, he can be reached at  As we continue to grow and modernize our athletics program, any services provided will continually be updated in our Healthy Roster platform that keeps all of our student-athletes, parents, and coaches in the loop.

Many families have had questions about how college recruitment works, especially in this strange school year.  In collaboration with our Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Ernest Baskerville, we will be hosting a seminar on how to play at the collegiate level with college athletic counselors. The event will be held on March 10th via Zoom at 7:00PM.  I will provide a link in the next few days for everyone to put into their calendar. 

I also want to address some questions that have arisen since my last email.  Student-athletes who are moving from one sport to another need only to let their coaches know that they plan on changing their sport, with the intent of staying.  We are asking for students to transition over the weekend when possible and will not need to sit-out more than the weekend. Additionally, we have been looking at how we can best serve our student-athletes who want to compete in multiple sports in the same season. We are able to consider  student-athletes who are in Varsity for both teams.  Should they want to be considered for this exception, they will need to email me.  Some of the criteria that will need to be met are that the sports are not both high-risk sports, senior year preferred, and both coaches must agree that it is possible to share an athlete. 

Additionally, as more matches begin, we are still asking for families to be the primary choice of transportation for our student-athletes.  Families should only be driving their own child to any matches.  I have worked with our transportation company to provide busing transportation with a maximum occupancy of 12 students, should they not be able to get a ride.  The seating arrangement on the bus will need to be in a “zig-zag” formation with the students sitting in their own row with masks on and windows lowered. I will be providing this as an alternative transport as coaches let me know when their team has student-athletes that require rides.  However, the number of buses is still limited from our transportation company so we will need to cap-off once we have reached a full bus. As a last resort, should two families feel comfortable in having one family take another athlete, they can fill this waiver and return it to me at  

When we are at home, we will be able to allow for limited spectators at competitions. At this time, county guidelines require us to limit seating to a safe capacity that allows social distancing between groups. We are asking for any families who want to watch a competition to try to limit the number of people coming to view.  Families should sit 6 feet apart from each other, and are encouraged to bring their own seating to even further space out. Masks will be required of all guests to be worn at all times.  Failure to socially distance between families or to wear facial coverings may forfeit future spectating privileges for individuals or entire sports programs.  We understand that families want to see their children in action again after almost an entire year, and we ask that all spectators adhere to distancing and facial coverings to allow us to have spectators. 

Currently, Football and Water Polo are mandated to have weekly testing 24 hours prior to a match.  With the support of our district nurse, district staff, and site administrators, we will be offering a mobile lab that will come the day before a match to provide covid testing for the student-athletes and the coaching staff.  Our opponents will need to do the same prior to a competition. At this time, only Football and Water Polo are required to do so.

I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during these times.  Your support of our programs and trust in our staff have not gone unnoticed.  We will continue to do our best to serve you and the community. I am hoping to see you all at a competition soon, with masks on and socially distanced.


Anthony Chan
SPHS Athletic Director

Office of the Superintendent posted in South Pasadena Unified School District

School Reopening Update

Dear SPUSD Families,

Thank you for your continued support as we work together to physically reopen South Pasadena schools. We are fully prepared with the proper safety and mitigation measures and ready to open our doors when the State and County give us the green light to proceed.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reported that opening may be on the horizon for elementary schools in the next two to three weeks. Here is an article from the Los Angeles Times with more information. However, many variables may impact the case rates in the county. We all need to continue to do our part by wearing face coverings, washing hands frequently, and maintaining social distancing.

When Will Schools Reopen?
Los Angeles County remains in the Purple Tier based on its test positivity and adjusted case rates. Elementary schools may reopen, if a county is in the Purple Tier, when the adjusted COVID-19 case rate for the county has been at or below 25 cases per 100,000 population per day for at least five consecutive days.

In the past week, the adjusted case rate dropped from 73.5 cases per 100,000 population to 48.2 cases per 100,000 population. To track this information yourself, click here, scroll down to the State of California visual and click on Los Angeles County. You will see an image like this:

Today, SPUSD will be submitting the newly required California Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 Safety Plan to the CDPH Safe Schools for All Team and also to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. With these reports in place and approved, we anticipate proceeding with our phased reopening plans once Los Angeles County meets the required adjusted case rates.

Thank you for your care and support as we work to safely return students, staff, faculty and administrators to campus.


Geoff Yantz, Ed.D.



August 14, 2020

Dear SPUSD Community,

To help combat the spread of COVID-19, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health now requires daily health checks for all visitors, including employees and students, before entering all SPUSD schools and facilities. SPUSD is introducing a new Districtwide health screening process that will assist with completing these checks to keep our students and staff safe.

Starting now – during distance learning – and eventually when we physically return to school, the screening process must be completed by everyone who will be on campus or at an SPUSD site. You do not need to complete the screening if you are staying at home. Children and families participating in the SPUSD Extended Care Program also must complete the health screening daily and will receive further information.

Health screening includes answering a series of questions concerning cough, shortness of breath, fever, and contact with a person known to be infected with COVID-19 in the last 14 days. To help facilitate this process, SPUSD has partnered with JobSiteCheck, a company that specializes in web-based health and safety screenings.

These checks can be completed remotely or in-person upon arrival at SPUSD sites. SPUSD sites include Arroyo Vista, Marengo, Monterey Hills, SPMS, SPHS, the District Office, and the District Maintenance Facility. 

The screening process is easy, and you will need two items to begin:

  1. Thermometer
  2. Smart phone (either iPhone or Android) with a camera, or a computer 

Please follow these steps to complete the screening process:

First, locate the QR code specific to the site you will be visiting. QR codes are posted on each school’s website and are posted at each physical site. We recommend that you print a hardcopy of the QR codes for the campuses you may routinely visit. Visiting means you will be staying on campus – parents do not need to complete the screening if they are dropping off their children at an SPUSD site. This will allow you to complete your health check prior to coming to any of the SPUSD sites. Alternatively, if you are unable to complete the screening before arriving at a site, you will find QR codes posted at the entrance to each site.

Please note, there are different codes for each location. If you have students who attend different schools, then you will need to complete the screening process using the QR codes or URLs for each school.

Every morning before you/your child leaves the house to come to school, you must answer the questionnaire and confirm that you/your child is allowed on-site. You should also take you/your child’s temperature each morning at home before coming to school. If you do not have a thermometer at home, please alert the health clerk, or the check-in person at the gate when you arrive. Each person entering the site needs to complete the screening process.

When you scan the QR code, a pop up appears “Open”. Click on the pop up to read the District’s COVID-19 Safety Briefing. Acknowledge at the bottom of the screen that you have read and agree. Next, you will be prompted to enter basic information and answer the required health screening questions. Click on “submit” when you are done answering the questions. If your camera is unable to recognize the QR code, a URL is also available on the same page.  Just type in the URL into your browser and follow the same steps.

Based on your responses to the questions, you will receive an acknowledgement clearing you/your child to enter the school building or to stay home. Do NOT enter the building if you have failed the screening questions. Save the verification that you/your child is allowed on-site.

  • Take a screenshot of your screening process result or leave your browser open. If you close the browser window, you will lose the verification. 
  • If you don’t have a smartphone, you can use the URL on your computer and print out your response.
  •  Here is an example of the QR code and check-in process that you will see posted:


  • Each person visiting an SPUSD site must complete the screening process before entering. Responses are time stamped. Note: parents and students are not required to complete the screening process for curbside meal service and school supply distribution, but everyone MUST wear face coverings and maintain social distancing protocols at all times.
  • Scan the QR code to launch the screening – do not take a picture.
  • If camera doesn’t recognize the QR code, then use the URL listed.
  • Only scan in on the days you are physically coming to the school/facility.

Students and visitors will be required to show proof of screening completion (with a Green/”OK” result) upon entering the school/facility. If you/your child does not pass the check in (Red/”STOP” result), then you must stay home or leave immediately if you completed the screening at the site. Please expect to be contacted by an SPUSD health clerk with follow-up questions that same day. If you answered a question in error and received an incorrect red STOP notification, then contact the school health clerk immediately to report the error.

Please direct any questions or concerns you may have regarding the District’s daily health screening procedures to the health clerk at the school site. You also may contact SPUSD’s School Nurse, Abby Silver, at

Thank you for your cooperation in this important matter as we continue to work together to keep one another healthy and safe.


Abby Silver
SPUSD District Nurse

QRC codes

If you would like to receive email notification of SPUSD Board of Education meetings, including information on how to provide public comment, you can contact Sylvia Carroll, Assistant to the Superintendent of South Pasadena Unified School District at (626) 441-5810, The SPUSD Board meeting information is also posted on the SPUSD website.

You can access SPUSD Board meeting agendas here. Click on the year and then the date of the desired meeting. Then click on the icon for the agenda.

You can access videos (livestream and archived) of the public portions of the SPUSD Board meetings here.