Congrats to the Seniors

Dear SPHS Class of 2020,

On behalf of the SPHS PTSA, we would like to congratulate you in a big way! Your non-traditional graduation ceremony and day does not take away from how proud we are of you.

We have come together as a community to celebrate you with this banner. It is proudly displayed on Fair Oaks Avenue at Grevelia Street for the entire city to see and salute you as well.


2020 Honorary Service Award Recipients

In this time when reality seems more like a movie and life has changed for us all, the SPHS PTSA is moving forward with a new Honorary Service Awards celebration.  A handful of people have made videos for this year’s recipients. Each and every one of them has gone above and beyond their title description and given all they could to our schools for many years.  I would also like to say a big thank you to the SPHS PTSA and Janet Anderson for keeping the PTSA on track and finishing the year strong. 
Congratulations to all the 2020 Honorary Service Award recipients. 
Kathleen Michel – Honorary Service Awards Chair

2020 Honorary Service Award Recipients
Click here for a YouTube playlist of all award videos
Casey Shotwell
See Casey’s video, presented by Tisa Poe 
Kathleen Michel
See Kathleen’s video, presented by Ed Donnelly
Tisa Poe
See Tisa’s video, presented by Julian Petrillo
Lindy Yuen
See Lindy’s video, presented by Helena Yee
Christina Holmes
See Christina’s video, presented by Laura Morales
Laura Morales
See Laura’s first video, presented by Chris Holmes
See Laura’s second video, presented by Kathleen Michel 
Rebecca Haider
See Rebecca’s video, presented by Kathleen Michel
Maddie Yoo
See Maddie’s video, presented by Chris Holmes

California PTA Message

Visit the Action Center to send a message to your Congressional Representatives now.

Unless Congress acts, schools are about to experience major budget cuts triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. We need you to contact your federal representatives ASAP to support money for schools.
Your action will help prevent layoffs, larger class sizes and the reduction or elimination of important programs and services for our students.
Please join with education leaders around the country in asking for $200 billion to support education funding, including special education, distance learning, Title 1 for low-income students and other programs:
* Learning Policy Institute
“A 15 percent reduction in state education funding could lead to the loss of more than 300,000 teaching positions.

“During Teacher Appreciation Week, let’s say a loud ‘thank you’ in a way that really matters: by supporting education funding in this time of crisis.

* ”National Education Leaders, including PTA:
“As Congress negotiates a fourth emergency supplemental in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative any package include significant, robust and flexible funding for our nation’s public schools.

*”Council of Great City Schools:“…Support an additional federal allocation of $175 billion in Educational Stabilization Funds distributed to the local level through the Title I formula. We also urge Congress to provide an additional $13 billion for IDEA, $12 billion in additional Title I program funding, $2.0 billion for E-Rate, and emergency infrastructure funds that include public schools.

*”Visit the Action Center to easily send a message to your U.S. senators and representatives, and help ensure that robust education funding is included in the next COVID-19 relief package.
Our children deserve it!